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Yoga on the farm

Yoga, the ancient practice of calming the mind while strengthening the body — and petting adorable goats. Yes, at Spenker Winery goats are an integral part of the farm’s seasonal yoga classes. 

Spenker Winery in Lodi, already known for its production of goat cheese, starting getting requests about six years ago when goat yoga became a national trend to open the farm up for a more hands-on goat experience.

The winery and creamery decided to give goat yoga a try, with resounding success.

“We sold out in 24 hours,” said Sarah Spenker Pratt of the farm’s first goat yoga class. “So, it’s like, oh, people do want to do goat yoga. And we just kept adding classes. And we kept going. I think 2022 will be our seventh year of doing go yoga.”

The goat yoga classes at Spenker Winery run from March through June, generally every other weekend. Participants sign up ahead of time for each class, with classes filling up quickly.

Spenker Pratt said she thinks the classes are so popular because goats are a relatable animal.

“They’re super smart. You can train them like a dog. The more attention you give them, the more dog-like they become,” she said.

Spenker Pratt also thinks using the goats as a distraction, helps people clear their minds of other stressors while practicing yoga.

“I think as Americans, we got to get wrapped up with the fast pace, and so nothing calms us down better than animals. And so, while it’s not as introspective because, obviously, you want to pet all the animals around you, it brings you this joy, and the joy is what relaxes you. And it’s a great excuse that you could go pet an animal,” she said.

To sign-up for a goat yoga class at Spenker Winery, visit: