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Cutest furry co-worker photocontest winners

Lucy — Where’s my snack? 

Lucy Redd is a six-month-old English Bulldog.
Lucy’s human companion is Sara Redd of Modesto.
Redd says at the time the photo was taken, Lucy was watching her participate in a Zoom class for her MPA program. Lucy was confused by the extra voices coming from the computer.
“Lucy is an essential part of our family. She entered our family just before Christmas; she was the perfect gift from my husband, Tim. She was never timid or shy; as soon as we brought her home, she was instantly happy in her new surroundings. Since her first day, she has made our house a happy place. When you walk in the door, she greets you with a wiggle. She loves everyone instantly. Since the stay at home order for COVID-19, our children are home from school and my husband teleworks every other week. Lucy likes to be with the family and always thinks she needs to ‘help’ with any project you might be working on throughout the house. If someone is sitting down, she needs to be laying on you or next to you. She has made us smile while being stuck at home. She is also the star of all Zoom meetings,” said Redd.

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines… 

“I am going to need you to work faster than’s almost time for you to go pick up my afternoon treat. Put your paws into it!”
Leo is a nine-month-old Golden Retriever.
Leo’s human companion is Derek DeGroot of Turlock.
When the photo was taken, Derek was checking emails in the morning while Leo sat next to him and looked over his shoulder.
“Prior to COVID-19, Leo would lounge about the house for most of the day waiting for either my wife or I to come home for a lunch time walk and then again for good in the evening.  Now, Leo spends time with us while we work — supervising and sleeping!  As an energetic puppy, we have also been able to sneak in more training and playtime during breaks,” said DeGroot.

Lulu aka Lucia — Lulu’s favorite resting spot.

Lulu aka Lucia is a 1 and half year-old Siberian Husky.
Lulu’s human companion is Diana Finnicum of Manteca.
Finnicum says the photo shows Lulu in her favorite place to go after a long walk or playing fetch, a shady spot in the backyard.
“Our sweet Lulu is a New Year’s Day baby.  We love waking up to her sweet smile. She’ll greet you with howls and big hugs and kisses.  Her energy is a wonderful distraction, she definitely keeps us on our toes!  There’s nothing like her bushy tail passing by the camera on a Zoom or school Teams meeting.  From comforting a sad high school senior to lovingly greeting her first responder Dad after another long day at work, our home would not be the same during this time without our beautiful Lulu.  We are so grateful for this soft furball,” said Finnicum.

Dexa and Dagger!  German Shepherds love all treats!

Dexa (female) and Dagger (male) are both two-year-old German Shepherds.
Their human companion is Daniel Maciel of Hilmar.
Maciel was giving them a treat when the photo was taken. They love treats!
“My German Shepherds are loyal, loving, and great guard dogs. I love to teach them new tricks and play fetch. They are great guard dogs too! We have been spending more time with our dogs Dagger & Dexa during COVID-19. We have been taking more walks together in our almond orchards. Swimming is also an activity we like to do, especially with the heat rising. I’m blessed to have our dogs. They’re awesome,” said Maciel.

King Meow — I was born to walk the catwalk.

Claro Costa aka King Meow is a 2 and half year-old Siamese mix.
Claro’s human companion is Sarah Costa of Hilmar.
Costa said the photo shows Claro, who is always curious, hanging out on a window ledge.
“I found Claro, aka King Meow, when he was about three months old. He was scared, alone and very sick. Right when I saw him, I knew I had to fix him. I didn’t know much about cats but let me tell you, he had me wrapped around his little paws. Although 2020 has been a year full of uncertainties due to COVID-19, this pandemic has actually affected our relationship in a positive way. Due to shelter in place, I have been able to give him my undivided attention 24/7. He has been able to explore the world he lives in safely under my supervision. He has even got to binge watch ‘All American’ on Netflix with me. During these unsettling times, it’s comforting to be able to curl up next to your pet and relax. I wish you all a safe and healthy rest of your quarantine,” said Costa.

Mustache the Zoom master — So this is what she does all day…

Mustache is a domestic longhair feline. He is approximately 13 years old.
Mustache’s human companion is Linda Stuhmer of Turlock.
Stuhmer said the photo shows Mustache when he decided to join a Zoom meeting with her colleagues in Chicago.
“Working from home has created an unexpected blessing in getting to be home with our cats and dogs. They all stay nearby (Mustache very near at times!). Having them around results in a calming feeling during these confusing and uncertain times,” said Stuhmer.

The Boss Rocki Ruu — Making sure the job gets done!

Rocki Ruu is a Border Collie and Kelpie mix.
Rocki Ruu’s human companions are Doug and Judy Bradshaw of Oakdale.
The Bradshaws said the photo was taken on Christmas Day while Doug and his dad were re-decking the trailer. Rocki Ruu jumped up and laid down to oversee the project.
“Rocki never leaves Doug’s side. Since shelter in place, we spend lots of time at home. Rocki loves to jump up on the porch swing and hang out. She makes us laugh! Such a sweet, happy soul she is. We just love her,” said Judy Bradshaw.


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