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Salsa for seniors

Have you watched others on the dance floor and wondered if the salsa could be your dance? Are you willing to give it a try? Are you 50 years or older? For those answering yes, there is a class in Patterson for you.

The Hammon Senior Center is hosting beginner’s salsa classes for anyone 50+. The classes are scheduled for Tuesdays from 1 pm - 2pm through mid-March. 

The salsa instructor, Denise, said this first session block is a pilot. If the interest is there to advance, additional sessions may be added after March.

Salsa is a dance for all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities the instructor emphasized. The dance style offers a gentle all body workout that she finds is easier on her joints than some other workouts.

The salsa is a smooth dance with graceful movements and an etiquette of respect and kindness between the leader and the follower. As the dance is developed, the two reach a harmony and their moves naturally become in sync. 

Some people may see the dance and think they could never keep up. Denise assures you don’t need to know 100 moves to successfully salsa. The process starts with learning the basic four or five. And that’s the idea of these beginners classes.

Students will be working on the basic fundamentals and the musicality; feeling the rhythm and working with a partner. Please note- individuals do not need to bring a partner to join the class. 

When Denise was first introduced to the Latin dance years ago, she fell in love with it almost instantly. She found it helped boost her mood and her endorphins. The dance is social and engaging. The music is exciting and fun. And people just wanted to dance.

To take the classes, which are free of charge, participants need to fill out a membership form with the senior center prior to attending. 

There is no fee for membership. 

Drop-ins at class times are permitted or you can stop in at the center weekdays 8am-3pm. Please allow about 10 minutes for the paperwork. Each class will begin with a warm-up of fundamentals, so new-comers can join right in.

The salsa community is a large one filled with friendly, polite people who are eager to dance and willing to teach others. Denise is excited to introduce people to the dance she loves.

Who knows where the experience may take them. “Maybe to that dancefloor on your next cruise,” she concluded. 


The Hammon Senior Center is located at

1033 W. Las Palmas Ave, Patterson 95363


(209) 895-8180