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Those who shoot together
Stay together

For some couples, their wedding day is one of the biggest events of their lives. So naturally, they hire a photographer to capture all the intimate moments that make their special day complete. 

Sometimes, the happy couple is being photographed by, well, another happy couple. 

The 209 region is home to a number of married wedding photographers, all of whom offer a different style and take on capturing people’s big day.

While the idea of working every weekend with your significant other might sound tiresome to some, for others it is fun. Like Michael and Michelle Jones, a self-proclaimed dramatic pair who have channeled their artistic flair into wedding photography for the past five years.  

“We are often asked what the secret to our relationship is, and the answer is always the same: we are best friends,” Michelle said. “We enjoy doing everything together from working out to traveling. This is exactly how our photography business was born.”

The Modesto-based husband and wife team have been together for 16 years and it was Michael who first picked up the camera and established himself as a photographer. It wasn’t long before Michelle followed suit and the two officially entered business together. 

With each wedding they photograph, the two share a vision of providing the happy couple with stellar photos, but they each approach that goal in their own way: Michael is more inclined to get dirty to get the perfect shot, while Michelle likes to capture those small, intimate details specific to the bride. 

“Our diversity blends together in the end to give our clients a complete collection that tells their love story,” Michelle said. 

The ability to share a vision and bring different aspects of it to life is also something Jas and Mandy Khaira do with their photography. The couple, who met through an arranged marriage, have been shooting photographs professionally for nine years. Photography began as a hobby and escape from Jas’ demanding tech job and as his natural ability started to come through, he transitioned to photography full-time. Mandy also pitched in, eventually serving as his second shooter. In 2010, the two established their full-time photography business and haven’t looked back. 

 As business partners, much of Mandy and Jas’ time is spent shooting, editing and promoting their work. But, the couple finds time to make it fun, especially during photoshoots. 

“What we enjoy the most is a little friendly competition, we’ll challenge each other to see who will get the shot of the day,” Mandy said. “That helps us both think outside the box and do something a little different and special for the couple.”

 For those happy couples who choose married photographers to capture their wedding, a natural chemistry between the pairs is always nice. However, understanding the photographers’ unique style and how that will translate into capturing the wedding is also important. 

“We are both dramatic by nature, so it reflects in our work,” Michelle said. “We love bold colors, natural light and posing our clients with an artistic flare.”

Alternatively, Mandy and Jas like to emphasize candid moments. 

“Our approach to photographing is unobtrusive documentation. Candid photography is our passion. We do, however, love creative portraits as well,” Mandy said. “Jas shines in both portrait and candid photography and I love the candids.”

Whatever style clients choose, there is one special aspect of being photographed by the likes of Michael and Michelle or Jas and Mandy: seeing another couple smiling back at you as they capture your big day. ■