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Turlock brewing company brings the beach to the 209
Sandude brew pub to open in downtown ModestoBY ALYSSON AREDAS

As the husband-and-wife duo behind Sandude Brewing Co. in Turlock, John and Janette Freitas have made a trip to the beach as simple as cracking open one of their cool, crisp ales or lagers.

“We’re a beach-themed brewery,” explained Janette Freitas. “We like to go the beach and we know that feeling of going to the beach never gets old.”

Following the establishment of the family-owned brewery four years ago, John and Janette Freitas have seen grand success with Sandude Brewing Co. not only in Turlock but in over 300 supermarkets, liquor stores, bars and restaurants in eight counties up and down California.

“Our beers don’t taste like anybody else’s beers and we don’t try to make them like anybody else,” said John Freitas. “It’s pretty unique in that aspect and we try to keep it that way. We try to do something somebody else isn’t doing.”

The brewing company currently offers four beers: an American Brown Ale “Woody Brown,” an American Amber Ale “Shades of Amber,” an American Blonde Ale “Suntan Blonde Ale,” and an American India Pale Ale “Sandude Double IPA.”

“We satisfy the population very well with what we have to offer,” said Janette Freitas. “All we hear is that our beers are very drinkable and that’s our biggest compliment we get at brew fests. They seem to satisfy a lot of palates from the population.”

“They have a really good finish. You don’t taste them five minutes after you drink them,” added John Freitas.

The Woody Brown has an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of 5.5 percent and a 26 International Bitterness Unit (IBU). With hints of chocolate and coffee notes, a silky center and smooth finish, the husband-and-wife duo said that the ale pairs great with beef, such as tri-tip, burgers and steaks.

Beer drinkers who choose to enjoy the Suntan Blonde Ale should do so with chicken or fish, according to Janette Freitas, who said that those food types compliment the beer with its light golden color, crisp start and clean finish. The American Blonde Ale has an ABV of 5 percent and 20 IBU.

With an ABV of 5 percent and 30 IBU, the company’s flagship beer Shades of Amber is full bodied, with a hint of hops, caramel center and light bitter finish. When it comes to what to pair the beer with, both recommended Asian or spicy food.

John Freitas suggested that customers try salty foods, such as pizza and pretzels with the Sandude Double IPA, which has an ABV of 8 percent and 105 IBU. With six hops, the beer is moderate bodied and bitterness, and a citric and floral toned finish.

The brewing company is also looking to expand their portfolio in the next two to three months to approximately 12 different beers in anticipation of their first tasting room opening at 1028 11th St. in Modesto, which is slated for completion in February.

“It was the opportune time,” said Janette Freitas. “The right building came along for us and Modesto was very welcoming. We’re going to be right by Commonwealth so we’ll just feed off each other and help each other.

“We will open one in Turlock once we find a great location. We just can’t find one right now,” continued Janette Freitas.

In addition to determining which beers to market next, the Freitases said that the new brew pub will allow customers to try out one-of-a-kind beers, enjoy live music and entertainment and purchase a wide array of Sandude Brewing Co. merchandise. Although the brewing company has no plans to serve food at the pub, they will encourage customers to bring their own food to pair with their favorite beer.

The new brew pub will also be the only place in Modesto where a customer can get a growler filled.

“It’s going to be a really good draw for downtown Modesto,” said John Freitas.