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Wedding trends for 2020

Wedding trends come and go, but saying “I do” will never go out of style. Still, there are often so many details that come into play when planning a wedding that knowing what’s hot and what’s not can serve as a useful starting point. From the type of blooms in your bouquet to the amount of dessert an average wedding guest eats, we spoke with 209 wedding planners to help make sure your special day hits all the right notes. ■

Dessert Ideas

The days of towering cakes that serve hundreds are no more, according to Taylor.

“A lot of couples are straying far from the traditional cake,” she said. “Most are doing a single-tiered cake for just them to cut, then just providing other desserts for guests.”

This can include a sheet cake from the same bakery; caterers in the back can slice it up while guests watch the couple cut into their smaller cake, and then everyone enjoys the same treat — just in a much more convenient way. Many couples are also opting for dessert or candy tables for their guests. Dessert tables feature delectables like donuts, cake pops, brownies and cookies, while candy tables are covered in favorites such as sour gummy worms, M&M’S, peach rings and more. 

Mesenburg said that couples should provide two to three baked goods per guest on a dessert table, while candy tables should expect each guest to eat one pound of candy. 

Guest Experience

Couples these days don’t simply want their guests to attend a wedding, but to have an experience. Because of this, some trends that don’t quite have a category are popping up at ceremonies throughout the 209. 

Mesenburg said that weddings have recently started providing fun activities for their guests to take part in, such an instructor-led succulent class she saw at a recent reception. Attendees were able to pick and pot their very own plant, providing them with a keepsake that would continue to grow long after the wedding. 

Popular Colors

In recent years, popular color palettes for weddings have shifted. 

“It used to be that brides were loving the lighter colors — and they still are — but a lot of brides nowadays aren’t afraid to go with dark, deep hues like burgundy, deep reds or dark greens,” said Nicole Taylor of Nicole Taylor Events (Modesto). 

These jewel tones provide a feeling of warmth and elegance and are popular in the early spring and late fall. Any color choice is important when deciding on the experience you’d like to create for guests, Mesenburg explained. 

“If there is a feeling that you are trying to accomplish, colors are very important to set that mood,” she said. “It’s also dependent on your location because you always want to make sure you’re not clashing with venue. A lot of people don’t pick their colors until they know where they’re having the wedding.”

Wedding Theme

While the classic wedding atmosphere will never fade from ceremonies across the country, one theme that has remained popular in the 209 is the rustic wedding, Nicki Mesenburg of Events by Nicki (Lathrop) said. A sophisticated blend of country, vintage and ethereal wedding styles, a rustic affair is typically associated with wooden backdrops, farm-to-table features and barnyard settings.  

“I didn’t think it was going to last that long, but the rustic, barnyard feel is still going strong,” Mesenburg said. “But, it’s always evolving.”

A trend Mesenburg said she’s seen develop as a result of the woodsy, simplistic feel of rustic weddings is a “boho chic” vibe, which features long, flowy dresses, floral crowns and free-spirited couples. These weddings usually play with textures, whether it be velvet pocket squares or unique flower choices tied together with twine. 

“It’s very timeless looking in a different avenue,” Mesenburg said.

Floral Favorites

In keeping with the boho trend, many brides and grooms are opting for plenty of greenery in their floral scheme, from the bouquets to alter arrangements. Foliage is the new flower, with couples choosing to use lush greenery as table runners, trim on their venue’s doorway, aisle markers, canopies and more. 

Depending on the wedding’s color scheme and what blooms are in season, a couple can personalize this trend. It tends to place less emphasis on any flowers used and instead utilizes them as accents. 

No matter what the trends are, however, there are no rules.

“The way things have to be is not as strict as it was 10 years ago,” Mesenburg said. “Everyone is free to do whatever best expresses themselves.”