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Summer is half way done and if you are anything like me, your New Year’s resolution of shedding a few extra pounds has now become your fall resolution. If you are a beginner, just the task of choosing how to lose weight can be daunting.

There’s yoga, CrossFit, cycling classes and the list goes on. Not to mention some of these options can be costly. Take CrossFit for example, depending on where you go prices can range between $50 for a single month with no contract to $145 a month with the stipulation that you sign a year contract. If you are looking for a great place to get started whether you don’t know what exercises to do, or you lack motivation and are looking for like-minded individuals, BodySpace is for you.

BodySpace is a free app by BodySpace is a social media forum where you can meet people, post progression photos as you get closer to your goals and use or create your own workout program to suite your fitness level.


• Select a workout program made by a professional or a member of BodySpace.
• Track your workout with videos that demonstrate how to perform an exercise. If you weight lift, the app also has a built in weight and repetition counter as well as timer to keep you on track with completing your workout in a suitable amount of time to maximize results.
• As you progress, your weight loss and/or weight gain due to muscle building will be updated as you progress through your transformation.
• At the end of each workout you can list how motivated you were during your workout on a scale of 1-10 and also give your overall mood after completing your workout on a scale of 1-10. This will help others on BodySpace motivate you.
• Professional Trainers such as Kris Gethin (whose program I am personally getting great results from) is on BodySpace to help with any questions you have, whether it’s about supplements, exercises, stretching etc.


• On occasion when you track a workout and try to mark it as completed, the next day when you check into BodySpace it will give you a push notification telling you that a workout is incomplete, even though you already completed it.

I give this app 4.5/5 stars