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Booboos, baseball and bucket lists

Sometimes we overestimate our ‘toughness.’

In the day and age of ‘no pain, no gain,’ I am here to tell you firsthand that being kind to your body is not overrated.

Runners (generally speaking) have this warped mentality of pushing through illness, injury and ailment to rise above and get those miles. In truth, it’s just as much a mental necessity as it is a physical one.

For many of us, it’s the time our problems fall into place, our calendar corrects itself and our anger releases. It’s also an amazing opportunity to give thanks to whatever one might believe, as you accept and embrace that you are able. That’s a gift. Pounding the pavement, or working the mill, places daily life on hold and offers us opportunity to work through things. But we are not super human and ignorance is not always bliss.

Early last summer I found myself registering for a half marathon on a dime. There was a time and place that my body was conditioned to a point where this would not be an issue. This was not that time. I ran it anyway and paid the price for two months following via an Achilles tendonitis injury. I was miserable.

Thankfully, returning to my mat via yoga helped me stretch and reform my body as well as my mental state.

This event also humbled me to respect what it takes to properly prepare for 13.1 miles — something I had taken for granted prior to injury. This also caused me to skip a scheduled race in Arizona last month. By mid-November I knew the training would not cut it and I’d be better to take a bye on this one.

So our traditional Girl’s Weekend in Arizona at the home of my best friend was minus one — me — and that was tough.

But like everything life hands you, there was and is a silver lining. As I looked for last minute flights and considered cheering the girls from the sidelines I recalled a Bucket List Race I have yet to complete. The Giants Race Scottsdale.

This race has sat on my list for close to five years now, as I am a repeat offender to its sister race hosted later each year at AT&T; Park.

Once I wrapped my mind around the concept of attending, all was secured within 24 hours. Race registration and air fare booked, vacation time approved.

Then it hit me; that’s Spring Training. A fact any other time which would have come to mind immediately, this time however, I was so focused on the Bucket List at hand, I had overlooked the very reason this race is hosted at that time.

As I write this, I am both excited and a tad bit disappointed. What a great Navigator piece this could have made for our readers. No, I am not a workaholic, but it is fun when we can make work and personal travel come together.

Oh, yes and there is a race, that will be fun too and I’ll be ready for this one. Listening to my body as I train. Reminding myself to be as kind to myself as I am to others and accepting that yes indeed, sometimes pain can prevent gain.

Be good to yourselves. Here’s to a new baseball season and a long awaited spring. Hummmmm Baby.