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Community transformation

A feeling of energy is the first thing one notices when entering a Get Fit studio.

Be it the Modesto or more recently opened Oakdale location, one can’t help but feel their pulse increase and their heart pump as they prepare for their 45-minute workout.

“There just was something really amazing happening in the community here and with the people,” Get Fit Modesto owner Jonathan Crenshaw said of first entering as a client with wife Tara in late 2010.

The husband-wife duo was so inspired by the studio possibility they purchased the business in 2012. A firefighter and math teacher by day, the couple shared purchase of the studio was not about the financial gain.

“We saw the impact and potential we could have here,” Jonathan said of the couple’s decision, noting they saw growing community, as well as the good which could be done with it.

Since that moment in 2012 the facility has not only grown exponentially by membership, but branched out to a second location thanks to friends and husband-wife team Bear and Allison Walters.

The Walters also became members of the Modesto studio and equally became affected by not only the energy but the extreme sense of community felt within the building. Eventually Allison joined the training team and in 2014 the Crenshaws began discussing a franchise opportunity with the couple.

“What the awesome thing about this situation is, we had 35 people who would drive from Oakdale here for four years every day,” Jonathan stated. 

He also shared that he and wife Tara were in no hurry to branch out the business with just anyone. The couple waited for people they felt would not only embrace their mission, but lived it as they did. 

Their mission simple: To move people toward whole health through community, fitness and nutrition. A mission which they are so committed to, it’s front and center on the wall of both locations.

While the foursome is both passionate and committed to what they do, the spotlight is not what they’re about. Both couples give credit to their team for the ultimate outcome of client success as well as community built within the studio spaces.

“We really lead with heart,” Jonathan shared. “It starts with our team.

“Our people are here because they can feel our authenticity,” he continued. “Most of us are here because we really see the impact and influence we’ve been given. We’re stewards of that and at the end of the day we want to leave the world better than we came into it.”

As members move through the varying circuits and stations pre-set by their coaches, some smiles fade, grimaces appear and high fives are exchanged as they transition. It is 45 minutes of continuous physical challenge, with station changes serving as the members “resting” time. 

“We are world class group fitness trainers at what we do specifically,” Jonathan stated. “But the reality is no matter how awesome a training facility is, what gets people coming back is their friends and their relationships.”

In addition to the workouts, the Get Fit locations also host week long Bootcamps periodically offering its members help with nutrition, as well as one on one coach time to help achieve their goals. The objective, for all programs to offer one or all three ideals in a higher dose. Ultimately to no longer be needed to do so for the member to maintain whole health. 

“We want to see people successful on their own,” Jonathan said.

Oakdale co-owner Allison recognized the connection members have to one another, the community at large as well as their coaches as elements of the overall success. 

“We’ve made some really quick connection with people, because they become transparent,” she said of the trust that develops. “They are best friends now (in some classes). That’s the best part for me.” 

And opportunity to find that connection in any given class is more than available. The Modesto location hosts 64 classes a week and Oakdale hosts approximately 42. There are a variety of membership types, as well as childcare. Get Fit is a contract free facility.

 “I see God in the little tiny circumstances that happen in people’s lives,” Bear shared of what he witnesses as an owner. “There are big things, but I get a big encouragement when I see a connection made with somebody or I see a small thing that is ‘a coincidence’ That’s God at work right there, making a move in somebody’s life.”

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