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New Year, New You
at Tailored Aesthetics Medical Spa

The start of a new year has many people thinking about what the future holds and hopeful that 2021 will be a much better year than the often exasperating 2020. The ending of a year can lead to excitement for a new journey that may include new adventures, new experiences, a new exercise routine, new goals and perhaps a new look. Tailored Aesthetics Medical Spa has opened in downtown Escalon to bring people in the 209 a variety of services to enhance natural beauty for a new you.

The name for the medical spa was created by founder and registered nurse Kacie Avey, as it was important for people to know that their services are tailored for each person individually with a customized treatment plan. The services offered are focused on prevention and protection and include Botox, fillers, skin care and skin coaching.

“My style of injecting is very conservative,” said Avey. “I like patients to feel like the best versions of their selves and not augmented really. Yes, you want to have enhancements but I do like to enhance natural beauty. My little motto I like to say is the best injectable is undetectable.”

Since she was young, Avey has been interested in skin with dreams to become a dermatologist. The dream changed a bit as she got older so she pursued a business degree to open her own medical spa someday to do aesthetics and help people with their skin. At the age of 18 she got her aesthetician license and began working at a medical spa in Southern California where she did chemical peels and microneedling while also assisting the doctors and nurses with injectables.

“I struggled so terribly with acne and sunburns,” noted Avey. “I never felt that there was really any accessible information for that. I wish I had direction when I was younger. It (working at the med spa) was just really fun and it really intrigued me and working with the doctors and nurses allowed me to use prescription skin care on patients and a stronger level chemical peel.” 

Avey decided to seek the medical side of the skin care industry so she moved back to the Modesto area to get her nursing degree. After attaining her degree in nursing, she worked in a hospital for a short time to gain fundamental nursing skills. Then she began working for a local plastic surgeon as an injector.

“I worked there for a while and I just fell in love with it and I just really loved the whole process for the patients,” explained Avey. “I did do a lot of what I call skin coaching. In our area we have so many people who battle acne uncontrolled and so many people who battle rosacea uncontrolled and they don’t know how to manage it. Both those things are manageable. A huge issue that patients struggle with in our population is melasma and hyperpigmentation. I love helping people change all those things because you can change it. So many people are afraid to go out bare faced or they feel self-conscious about it.”

After spending some time at a large med spa in Sacramento and commuting a few days a week her experience continued to grow. With the experience at different locations, Avey learned what she liked and what needed improvements. The stars aligned and she was able to open her very own med spa with Dr. Muazzum Aman as the medical director and co-owner. Dr. Aman is an emergency room physician as well. 

“I am excited,” Avey said. “I think this is different. I feel like there was a need for this type of medical spa in this area.” 

Opening a business anytime can be intimidating and it can be even more challenging during a pandemic. Tailored Aesthetics officially opened in August and unfortunately, they were unable to have a grand opening or public celebration of any kind. They follow all recommended guidelines using masks and sanitizing thoroughly as time is allotted between patients to do so. The remodeled office was once a Pilates studio and has since transformed into a modern lavish space with exposed beams and barn doors. 

“I think that the first week I opened it was so surreal I couldn’t believe the support that I had,” stated Avey. “I couldn’t believe the support and the interest that the people were showing in this area. It was really great to feel like the community really embraced me and I am happy to offer something different here. With COVID you have to have grace because everything is going to be delayed. So, I knew that going into it. Opening a business during COVID is crazy and I knew it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride.”

Clients have followed Avey who come from Turlock, Sonora, Sacramento and all the places in between. The services are available for men and women of all skin types by appointment only and a consultation is advised to answer questions, discuss risks, benefits and expectations. Avey explained that she has continued training and advanced education to be current with her technique and safety protocols.

“My job is to educate you and you make the decisions,” expressed Avey. “I think a lot of times people are really nervous about the pain. I use a lot of comfort measures. I don’t like to be in pain and I don’t like to see my patients in pain. I use very small insulin needles for most of the injections with Botox. With the filler I use topical numbing and there is a little bit of a numbing agent in the filler. I use a lot of relaxation techniques with the patients; that is why I book longer time slots. It really helps decrease their stress level and they feel more comfortable.”

There are a variety of products offered at the med spa with brands like Colorscience and ZO Skin Health. Working with all the different skin care lines throughout her career, Avey handpicked specific products that she is confident will work with the custom treatment plans for her patients.

“It (ZO) is an amazing inclusive line,” remarked Avey. “ZO skin health is by far my favorite, that is why I chose it. I only wanted to have one main skin care line because I don’t want patients to be confused. I felt that way as a consumer. I support those products with sunscreen. It makes me laugh because my patients call me the sunscreen police. That is the number one antiaging product that I can give to you or anybody can give to you and not all sunscreens are created equal.” 

For more information on Tailored Aesthetics Medical Spa, located at 1710 Main Street in Escalon, visit, email or call 209-614-2360. You can also follow them on Facebook. People can book online, call or text as well.