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They call me 'mom'
Fitness & beyond

There are many moments which make me proud as a mom.

Truth be told, just the fact that I’m fortunate enough to be called mom makes me proud.

This year marks the 14th year I get to be celebrated by my two most favorite employers — my kids. The job of “mom” is hands down not only my most favorite, but most cherished of all the jobs I’ve held.

Not a job I came by easily, I might add. Infertility was a part of my journey to parenthood.

Once upon a time I referred to my two children as red and white wine. My son is the result of a lot of tests, negative pregnancy tests, a surgery and six years of ‘trying’ until thanks to the help of a little pill called Clomid, we got it right. His sister came three years later, thanks once again to this magic little pill.

Living through infertility teaches one a lot about gratitude, living in the moment and how truly precious and miraculous human life is. As an older mom, living with epilepsy, regular ultrasounds were a part of our plan. Watching the development of these precious gifts. Checking for proper development and holding our breath each time in hopes of no abnormalities.

From inception to present day, my duo and I have shared a pretty special bond. Renamed T&Co. by some friends back in 2011 when we became a party of three, life for us took on a different shape than it had the year prior. As I became more active and health focused, they became more aware.

My determination was simple, my kids were young and I was not. It was not their choice to come to me “late’ in life. I made peace with the fact that I might be the “old” mom, but I would not be the “fat” mom. Losing weight back in 2010-11 was just as much about my children as it was myself. 

Earlier this year, the three of us celebrated our family’s new-found physical freedom as participants of the 10th Annual SOS Run in Oakdale. 

In the words of Oprah … it was indeed a full circle moment for the kids and I. Our first trip through the 5K course had been in 2010, we walked. At that time, I weighed 240 pounds. My daughter, then two-and-a-half was pushed in her stroller, with her brother five-and-a-half walking alongside his father and I.

Life is funny, you never truly know when a seemingly simple moment may be life changing. That race in 2010 was one such moment for me.

The life changing moment came for me, as well as my family at the finish line. Approached by the daughter of a friend who shared the following year she wanted to run the mile. At the time of this conversation, I had no active life and a waistline which was out of control. I told the youngster I’d run the mile with her.

This is where my eyes honestly start to leak, as I think of all that has changed not just in my life but the lives of my children as well. That simple promise to that young girl caused me to begin a healthier way of living. 

Determined to hold true to my promise and return to the body I missed, my life changed. In time so too did my marital status and by the second annual event I was 50 pounds lighter and a single mom.

The journey between 2011 and present day has truly been one for the record books or perhaps a “feel good” Hallmark movie. That promise and this event took me to a whole new way of life. More importantly it’s also served as significant milestone for my children as well. This year, on their own insistence, they each ran the 5K and I’ve never been so proud.

That’s the beauty, as well as the gift of being a mom. The seemingly insignificant moments to the masses that make a mom’s eyes leak. Oh sure, come Mother’s Day they’ll present me with a sweet card, one likely handmade as well as thoughtful gift — but it’s those little moments which will always be the most “priceless.”