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Transformative fitness - See the V

Getting fit for summer is not an uncommon goal. It’s a goal so common in fact, that it ranks among the top of the average American’s New Year’s resolution list.

But alas, the 209 is in the Central Valley, the home of high summer temperatures, seasonal allergies and indoor air conditioning. As outdoor activity may find itself scarcer, gym visits fall to the wayside, summer may be just the time to trying something new in the way of fitness and overall well-being.

The Modesto-based Studio V Pilates and Fitness may just fit the bill for those interested in maintaining or improving overall fitness, as well as mindfulness.

“People want a sense of community,” Studio V owner and founder Victoria Popoff said of her studio.

Popoff began the studio as a solo project six years ago this August. She now maintains a staff of 10 at the 4345 Spyres Way, Modesto, location.

“I think people really like the small atmosphere,” she continued, noting the personal connection, as well as mind-body connection is key to client success. “Once you have the mind-body connection, I feel your body responds much better to your workout.”

With close to 20 years in the fitness industry, Popoff cites a number of benefits Pilates offers individuals in the way of results, as well as personal growth. The studio features a variety of classes of times centered around mat, as well as reformer Pilates.

“Pilates on the mat is much more popular than Pilates on the reformer,” she said. “That machine is incredible. I love this machine because no one hurts afterwards. You feel sore, but it’s not like, I can’t walk up the stairs sore.”

Pilates, both on the mat and the reformer, also offers rehabilitative benefits, which the business owner loves for what it offers her clients. Popoff shared the slow movements do not have adverse effects on the joints and is good for almost all body types.

In keeping with the empowerment through community philosophy, the studio also offers boot camps on a regular basis. Tire flipping, box jumping, push-ups and jumping jacks, however, are not on the menu for Bootcamp Studio V style.

“There’s no burpees, there’s no jumping jacks, it’s all Pilates based,” Popoff said. “It’s healing your body until you get to that mindset … you have to love your body just as it is and the results will come.”

In addition to the workout opportunities and mindful guidance, boot camps also include weekly menus created by a certified dietitian.

“We’ve had people do this virtually and lose weight,” she shared of the popular boot camps. “They don’t actually need to be here. It’s just the connection of someone’s keeping up with me. I think it’s the connection to the shared experience ... to the same goal.”

Keeping with the mindset of light and fun, each boot camp is themed. The next scheduled event “Best Friend Bootcamp” will begin June 26 and conclude Aug. 14. A free information meeting will be hosted on June 12.

Additional details on the boot camp as well as Studio V Pilates and Fitness can be found at

or by calling 209-526-2664.

“It’s not just working out,” she noted, regarding the Studio V environment. “You need to have fun while you’re here.

“This is all practice for your real life,” Popoff added of caring for one’s overall self and body. “A lot of us need accountability. We really have to slow down. The mind, body connection is just so important.”