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Dream Home

Over the years when Janet Romanowski and Darrel Louis went on family vacations, weekend getaways or even just a day away from their home in Santa Cruz, there was one destination that was always at the top of their list - Murphys in Calaveras County.

“We would bring the kids up to go skiing and we would ride the motorcycles up here when we could,” Romanowski said. “We just really had good times up here, so when we started thinking about a second home, this was the first place we looked.”

The couple’s first property in Murphys was a place with a little cottage behind the main house and they decided to fix it up and use it as a vacation rental. It proved to be a successful venture and they have gone on to purchase a couple more properties with the most recent of The Villa at Val Du Vino Winery.

The ranch-style home has three bedrooms with elegant and comfortable furnishings like the maple burl wood bedroom set in the master suite. There are three bathrooms and a large living room that reflects Louis’ passion for music. Guests are encouraged to strum one of the guitars he keeps around or play a tune on the piano. There’s a gourmet kitchen with a stunning Dacor eight-burner stove that inspires guests’ inner chef to get cooking. 

The real highlight of The Villa is the location and how it manages to be both town and country. The Villa is located right off Main Street in Murphys and guests can sit on the front porch, sip wine and take in Murphys unique downtown vibe. Circle around to the other side of the house and there is one of two private patios with beautiful views of grapevines and open pasture. Adding to the ambiance of relaxation is a hot tub and a pool.

Guests who happen to be there on Wednesdays are in for an added treat. The couple hosts an open mic night in a sound-proof barn on the property for musicians and those who just want to listen. 

“It’s a nice way to enjoy the local music scene,” Louis said.

The Villa is available for rent on VRBO and AirBNB. Find the links at the or call (831) 359-5454.