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Aging with grace - and strength

Health is everyone’s biggest asset in life, and Turlock native Lisa Short is making sure the 209’s older residents take care of themselves as they age. Her business, Body Potential Fitness, has helped countless men and women over the age of 50 take control of their health through hands-on guidance. 

“The body changes after age 50 and so should the way you exercise. I find when people become more future-focused, their priorities change and they look to nurture their bodies and their health differently,” Short said. “It can be hard, however, in the fitness industry to find this specific kind of support and level of understanding in how the body responds to exercise after 50, especially if you have some existing aches and pains. That’s exactly what my skill set is and the service I provide for my clients.”

Good health can ultimately help those who have retired find happiness and sustained independence as they age, Short added, and she helps her clients look, feel and function at their best through a variety of services at Body Potential Fitness, including private training, couples training, small group training and her online coaching service, “Mind Body Momentum.”

“My studio is perfect for the non-gym goer or the person that appreciates privacy and a calm atmosphere,” Short said. “‘Mind Body Momentum’ is designed for the person who wants to relieve stress, save time and workout from home with workout videos that are personalized to them.”

Through her at-home studio in Turlock, Short helps clients from as far north as Ripon and as far south as Hilmar find inner strength and balance through what she refers to as “gentle” exercises. They can include anything from air squats to planks with modifications depending on the participants’ abilities.

“An air squat is a perfect example because an air squat is a very functional exercise. We need to be able to stand up and down from the chairs we’re sitting in,” she said.

When Short first meets with a client, she performs a movement assessment to identify their limiting movement patterns and muscle imbalances, which “everyone has,” she said. 

“I love when I can help someone who has struggled with an issue, like a recurring injury, or who is having a hard time getting results with their current program and coach them to a total ‘aha’ moment that changes everything for them and the way they approach exercise,” she said. “This happens a lot.” 

Short believes everyone deserves a personalized exercise program because everyone has a different body — even participants in her group exercise classes each have a different experience. The best thing those over 50 can do to stay in shape is commit to a routine, she said, and make sure it focuses on not only endurance, strength and flexibility, but their balance and posture as well. 

“Those are really big things that tend to change with age and can also cause falls later on in life,” Short said. “It’s just about finding that really great balance for longevity.”

While there are plenty of gyms in the Central Valley which help residents focus on fitness, many are geared toward high-intensity workouts and bootcamp-style classes. Short believes the 209 could use more studios like Body Potential Fitness.

“Bootcamp and high-intensity classes are not what I recommend for people to be doing after the age of 50. They’re underserved for sure,” Short said. “I don’t feel like there’s enough programming for people that really have some aches and pains already or have had surgeries and are trying to rehab. There aren’t not enough options other than physical therapy.

“Here, it’s more about finding the exercises that work for you. When you find what those are, then you’re encouraged to work out and want to exercise.”

For Short, seeing her clients’ success is the most rewarding part of her job. 

“One of my favorite things about my day is knowing I am making an impact in my clients’ lives. I love the stories they share with me about being able to get up and down off the ground with their grandkids with ease and that they had the time of their life on vacation doing a bucket-list excursion, or even that they are getting off of medications and their doctor gave them a hug,” she said. “That makes me feel 

really good.” 

To learn more about Body Potential Fitness or to set up a training appointment, Short can be reached at 209-535-1298 or through her website,