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Color safe

As temps heat up and clothes become less, ladies (and gents) of the 209 need not continue to spend hours in the sun in search of that ‘healthy glow.’

Much to the delight of Carly Rodrigues, owner of Bronze Beauty Bar in Oakdale and others like her, the art of spray tan has grown significantly in popularity.

Once a secretive ‘guilty pleasure,’ as it might seem through her 10 years of offering the service, Rodrigues shared it’s no longer brides-to-be and girls getting ready for prom or winter formal.

“I think we’re all just trying to keep our skin looking younger as we start to age,” the professional said of the growth of spray tan versus traditional tanning. “You just look a little healthier. It gives you a little glow.”

Yet as one looks to the alternative of getting this “summer glow,” it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a professional. Currently not regulated by the State Board like other beauty businesses in the industry, consumers should inquire if the service provider is certified.

“It’s sort of a grey area. You can ask are you certified, where did you get certified?” Rodrigues shared, adding the importance of this with regard to cleanliness and standard industry practices.

“I think there’s a lot more that goes into it than one color of spraying someone,” she continued. “So it’s important to get certified so you understand what the spray tan solution is doing. The different colors. The different bases.”

With a decade of experience, the expert shared a number one concern of most first-time clients is the worry over looking “orange” versus the “natural glow” she speaks of.

Who one picks to help them achieve this glow, as well as how they prepare the skin, are both important for the ultimate outcome with their tan.

Prepping the skin prior to one’s appointment includes properly exfoliating, shaving, as well as completing any manicure or pedicure treatments. One should arrive to the appointment with “naked skin” – that is, no lotion, body oil or make-up of any type.

Exposure by way of the treatment is completely up to the client. Rodrigues shared, she’s seen it all and is unaffected. Ultimately, it’s up to the comfort of the client.

“It’s a complete comfort level for the client,” she said of tanning fully nude or any variation of clothing in between.

Equally important to a natural looking glow is proper color match to the client’s skin tone.

“You want it to look natural,” she shared. “You want it to match and not try and push the limits too far.

“Then they will look brassy or unnatural,” the professional said of opting for a shade not complementary to one’s natural skin tone. “You don’t want the first thing they notice to be, they got a spray tan. Actually, you don’t want them to notice at all. You just want to look glowy.”

A spray tan can last from five to seven days depending on proper prepping and post treatment instructions. Staying hydrated, both internally as well as skin and applying natural lotion, helps prolong the seven days. It eventually fades naturally.

For those enjoying lake time in the 209 or off on a sunny vacation, not to worry, by using recommended sunscreen over the treatment can also aid with gaining a little color beyond the assisted one.

“It’s not going to protect you from the sun, but you want to use tan safe sunscreens,” Rodrigues said.

Clients should inquire on brands with their professional.

Bronze Beauty Bar is at 226 E. F St., Oakdale, and can also be found on Instagram at bronzebeautybar209.